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Terms 3 and 4

Topic: We are studying European Explorers.

Science: We are studying ‘Rocks’ and ‘The Human Body’.   We will be going on a trip to the We the Curious as part of our study of the digestive system.

English: In Term 3 we are studying our class book, Phillip Pullman’s ‘I Was a Rat’, also explanation texts.  In Term 4, we will be studying stories with a familiar setting.

Maths: In Term 3 we are continuing Multiplication and Division, and beginning Measurement (length and perimeter). In Term 4 we are studying Statistics, Fractions and Money.

R.E: In Terms 3 and 4 our theme is ‘Journeys’.

Year 3 recreate Romeo and Juliet

This term as part of our History topic (The Tudors) we studied the work of William Shakespeare. We had great fun learning about him and his famous plays. As part of this, we brought some of our drama skills into the lesson and recreated the famous balcony scene. We performed the scene in small groups to our whole class.


Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn visit Herons’ Moor Academy

Year 3 were very lucky to get a visit from Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.  They were allowed to ask them both questions about their situation. Henry was very angry with Anne because she had given him a daughter not a son. We then found out that she was going to be sent to the Tower of London to be beheaded! The children then all wrote letters to Henry as Anne, trying to persuade him to save her life!
Year 3 Visit The Red Lodge and Bristol Museum
Year 3 had a fantastic time on their history trip visiting the Red Lodge in Bristol and Bristol Museum. At the Red Lodge they got to dress up as Tudor children and met Dame Joan who used to live at the Tudor house. They got to look at various Tudor artefacts and draw a portraits of Dame Joan. They also learnt lots about what it was like to live in Tudor times. The whole of Year 3 were also able to visit the Bristol Museum, where they looked around a variety of exhibitions. All of the children had a brilliant time and wrote wonderful recounts of their day out.
Year 3 Forces Experiment
Year 3 has been having great fun investigating the strength of different magnets. They have been trying to pick up paper clips with different magnets and predicting which would be the strongest.

The children in 3M have been discussing which books they are enjoying reading at the moment. Here are some of them.

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Raise the Roof Assembly to Year 3 and 4 Parents- 28th November at 9am- Dining Hall

KS2 Christmas Carol Concert – Wednesday 18th December & Friday 20th December 2019 at 1.45pm – Sports Hall.

Christmas Party – Friday 18th December

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